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“I start very young to make the” sfoglina “for another fresh pasta. From now I understand that this is my greatest passion, so when I move to Bologna to follow Marco, my partner, I immediately find a job at “La Vecchia Malga”.

This occupation allows me to learn a trade, to refine the technique, to look closely at the ingredients, which have always distinguished the flakes and stuffed Emilian. At one point I took courage, and I decided to throw myself into this entrepreneurial choice, pushed and supported, both by Marco and my stubbornness.

Here in the store there are a lot of responsibilities, but there are so many satisfactions, that at every smile of my loyal customers over time, I forget the effort! My dreams for the future? Doing better always … continue to keep the raw material of the products I offer high, guarantee its freshness and continue to see the smile of children when they enter my shop and offer them a treat!

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